Veterinary Department

The Veterinary Department of Leitrim County Council carries out a broad range of duties and enforcement of legislation relating to Veterinary Public Health, Animal Welfare, Control of Horses and Control of Dogs

Statement of Purpose

Leitrim County Council Veterinary Department works to protect and enhance Public Health through  local surveillance and enforcement of the Food Safety legislation listed in the Service Contract with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Local consumers and producers benefit from this work. Leitrim County Council Veterinary Department works in co-operation with appropriate disciplines within Leitrim County Council, The Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine, The Health Service Executive and other public health agencies.

Leitrim County Council currently employs one full-time Veterinary Officer and two part-time Veterinary Officers. The Veterinary Department operates under the Directorate of Environment, Emergency & Cultural Services, Leitrim County Council.

Contact Us

The full-time Veterinary Officer for Leitrim County Council is Mr. James Madden and he can be contacted by phone at (071) 9650424, (086) 8205160 email

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