Multi Annual Rural Water Programme 2019-2021

The Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government have announced a Multi Annual Rural Water Funding Programme covering the period 2019 to 2021.  The Department have requested that Applications for Funding under this 3 Year Programme be submitted to them by 14th March, 2019.  Accordingly, Leitrim County Council will shortly be submitting our funding Application to the Department for the next three years under this programme in the hope of securing funding for any interested Group Water Schemes (GWS’s) and Group Sewerage Schemes (GSS’s) and other proposals under the various Funding Measures included in this Multi Annual Programme.  Please note that all Funding for Group Water Schemes and Group Sewerage Schemes will be through this 3 Year Programme and hence it is essential that applications are made for Funding now under this Programme in order that these funding applications will be considered for funding over the 3 year period of this Programme.

Who is eligible to apply?

1) If your existing Group Water Scheme is interested in applying for a grant for upgrading work under any of the Measures covered by the Programme

2) If you are interested in forming a new Group Water Scheme (or extensions of your existing GWS) or Group Sewerage Scheme or

3) If you are interested in having your Group Water Scheme/Group Sewerage Scheme taken over by Irish Water or

4) If your current Group Water Scheme (or any other Group Water Scheme that you are aware of ) has no management committee in place and thus requires assistance

What are the Measures of the Programme?

The Department have set out 7 measures under which GWS & GSS can apply for funding

Measure 1 - Source Protection (Private Group Water Schemes) -Aimed at protecting the Raw Water Source of existing GWS

Measure 2 -Environmental and Public Health Compliance (Private Group Water Schemes) - Applies to Private GWS’s that wish to upgrade their treatment facilities to improve water quality

Measure 3 - Enhancement of Existing Schemes including Water Conservation (Public & Private Group Water Schemes) - The measure is aimed at improving operational efficiency by upgrading the network.

Measure 4 - New Group Schemes (New Group Water Schemes or Extensions to existing GWS) - Funding for the setting up of new GWS/ expansion of existing GWS’s

Measure 5 -Transition of existing GWS or GSS to Irish Water (All GWS’s  & GSS’s ) - Enables existing GWS and GSS to be Taken in Charge. (Includes Orphan Schemes)

Measure 6 - Community Connections (New Public GWS &  New Public GSS) - Facilitates the continued expansion of the coverage of piped water supplies & central wastewater collection systems.

Measure 7 - Innovation and Research (All GWS and GSS) - Focus on new innovative approaches.

More Information on all the measures is available from the Multi Annual Rural Water Programme Leaflet Outline of Measures under RWP 2019 - 2021.pdf (size 411.1 KB)
and the Framework Information Booklet Framework for Multi Annual Rural Water Programme 2019-2021.pdf (size 624.5 KB)

How do I apply?

Please forward your Submission in writing to the Rural Water Department of Leitrim County Council no later than Thursday 28th February, 2019. 

In your Submission for Funding, please include the following details:-

·    Name of GWS/GSS together with a Contact Person & Phone No.

·    Brief outline of type of works proposed

·    An Estimated Costing for the works proposed (if you have quotations for the proposed works, please include these with your Submission, otherwise please submit an Estimate of the cost of the works proposed)

All Submissions should be forwarded to this office in an Envelope marked as follows:-

“Rural Water Programme 2019 – 2021 – Funding Submission”

Address for Submission:

Rural Water Department, Leitrim County Council, Park Lane House, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim

Please ensure that completed Submissions are returned to this office by Thursday 28th February, 2019 at the latest.  If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact this office at  071 9620005, Ext. No. 611. 

Please note that this will be the only opportunity available to submit Applications for Funding under this 3 Year Programme and hence it is essential that if your Scheme is considering any works over the coming 3 year

There is no guarantee that Funding will be provided for all Applications made.


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