ReStart Grant Scheme (RG1)


The Restart grant scheme was launched on 22nd May 2020 and was live on all local authority websites from 29th May, 2020. It was advertised extensively both nationally and locally as well as across social media. The Scheme was initially intended to provide grants in tandem with the phased re-opening of the economy as per the Government’s Roadmap. As the Roadmap was accelerated, so too was the scheme available to all eligible businesses and sectors.

The numbers of applications nationally had begun to taper off in recent weeks as the Government was considering introducing an expanded Restart Scheme with higher grant levels. Under the expanded scheme, the minimum grant is €4,000 (up from €2,000) and the new maximum grant is €25,000 (up from €10,000). The new scheme also has different criteria to the old scheme.

As the Government decided to introduce the higher grant levels, to the benefit of a much larger group of businesses, it was decided to end the original scheme. In this regard, the closing date for applications under the scheme was brought forward to 22nd July, 2020 as opposed to the original closing date of 31st August, 2020.  It would not make sense to run two similar schemes, with different criteria and grant levels, as it would only cause confusion for applicants and those administering the scheme alike.

APPEALS FOR APPLICANTS THAT MISSED THE CLOSING DATE OF 22ND JULY, 2020 FOR THE RESTART GRANT SCHEME (RG1).If you are a business owner  in County Leitrim that had not submitted an application for the Restart Grant Scheme by the closing date of 22nd July, 2020, or where you had not completed your application and had a draft application on the system, then there is an appeals mechanism open to you.

To submit an appeal for the Restart Grant Scheme (RG1), the following process should be followed:

1.     A complaint/appeal on the issue of the early closing date should be made in the first instance to Leitrim County Council

2.     On receipt of your appeal request, the Council will issue you with an email acknowledging receipt of your appeal and indicating that the appeal will be considered by the Council and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

  The closing date for receipt of appeals under the Restart Grant Scheme (RG1) is 31st August, 2020.


The Restart Grant Plus is a key part of the government’s July Stimulus package, a €7.4bn package of measures designed to stimulate a jobs-led recovery and build economic confidence while continuing to manage the impact of Covid-19. 

Details on the Restart Grant Scheme Plus are availabe on the following link:







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