Details of Grants available for Septic Tanks

Information regarding Grants Payable under the Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Financial Assistance) Regulations 2013 (S.I. No. 222 of 2013)

  • Please read the following information notes before completing the application form.
  • All questions on the form must be answered and, where specified, supporting documents must be provided.  Incomplete forms or those which are not accompanied by the appropriate documents will not be processed

1.        Purpose of the Grant

The scheme is available to assist owners of premises connected to Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems with the costs of repairs to, and upgrading or replacement of, such treatment systems, where the works arise directly from an inspection carried out under Part 4A of the Water Services Act 2007 (as inserted under the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012, and the subsequent issue of an Advisory Notice by the Local Authority.

Important:   Costs associated with the routine maintenance or servicing of domestic waste water treatment systems, or of de-sludging such systems, do not qualify for grant aid.

2.        Level of Grant

The level of grant aid available is determined on the basis of gross Household Income and is either 50% or 80% of the approved cost of the works.  The table below sets out the level of grant available based on the income of the previous year:

Household Income

                % of approved costs available

                Maximum Grant available

Up to €50,000



€50,001 – €75,000



In excess of €75,000

                No grant is payable

                No grant is payable

3.        Household Income

Household Income is calculated as the property owner’s gross taxable income in the previous tax year, together with that of his or her spouse or partner.

4.        Evidence of Household Income

The following evidence of the Income of the applicant and his or her spouse or partner in the previous tax year must be included with all applications:

  • In the case of applicants subject to PAYE:    a PAYE Balancing Statement
  • In the case of a self employed person:        a Notice of Income Tax Assessment
  • In the case of Corporate Ownership:           a Notice of Corporation Tax Assessment

(Balancing Statements and Notices of Assessment are issued by the Revenue Commissioners)

  • In the case of social welfare recipients: a statement of taxable income from the Department of Social Protection

5.        Receipts

Each application for grant aid must be accompanied by a receipt from each contractor engaged for the purpose of remediation works.  Receipts must include details of the works carried out and the associated costs.

6.        Approved Cost

For the purposes of this scheme, approved cost means the actual cost of remediation, repair upgrading or replacement of a domestic waste water treatment system or the costs estimated by the local authority to be the reasonable costs of carrying out such works, whichever is the lesser.

7.        Tax Clearance Requirements

In the case of each contractor engaged to carry out repairs, upgrading or replacement, a copy of a current Tax Clearance Certificate issued to the Contractor by the Revenue Commissioners must be submitted.

8.        Processing of Applications

Applications should be submitted to the local authority in whose functional area the domestic waste water treatment system, the subject of the application is located.  Applications will be processed as quickly as possible. 

Leitrim County Council reserves the right to make any enquiries it considers necessary to verify information or supporting documents provided as part of an application for grant aid and may exclude from consideration for grant aid any applicant who supplies false or misleading information or documents.

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